July 14, 2024

Top Tips to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is equally as important as taking care of your diet and exercise needs. It doesn’t matter how far you can run or how much weight you can lift, if you don’t get a proper night’s sleep which consists of a minimum of one hour of deep sleep over a 7 to 8-hour period. Many people are not getting quality sleep and so they end up suffering as a direct result. If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep, then it can affect your life in many ways including your brain function, and your ability to exercise for longer and it actually messes with your hormones as well.

Many people end up having to use a sleep apnea machine to control the amount of snoring that they do as well as regulate their breathing. The purpose of this device is to provide you with air by using a mask to keep your airways open while you are sleeping. It is an essential sleep therapy that allows you to get a proper night’s sleep. As well as using the above device, the following are just some other top tips to help you get a better night’s sleep.

  • Get lots of sun/light exposure – We have a system known as our circadian rhythm and it is a clock that is built within us that keeps us awake during the day and also tells us when it’s time to go to sleep at night. The secret is to get as much natural sunlight and light as possible throughout the day because this helps to provide you with quality sleep over longer periods.
  • Less use of electronic devices – The reason why you can’t get to sleep at night after being on your laptop, smartphone or watching far too much television is that you have lost control of your circadian rhythm again and your mind thinks that it is still the daytime. This light that you are experiencing is called blue light and so you should try to stop watching television or playing on your devices for at least two hours before your head hits the pillow.
  • Cut down on caffeine intake – It’s okay to have a strong cup of coffee or green tea in the morning as this gives you the necessary energy boost to get you through the day whether you are going to the office or you have a hard day’s shopping ahead of you. If you have a cup of strong coffee about six hours before you put your head down for the night then this is really going to affect your overall sleep quality. Try to not drink any caffeinated beverages after 4 p.m.

You may feel that you need that nap during the daytime but this is the very thing that is going to negatively affect your sleep later in the evening. Your body gets a little confused when you sleep in the daytime.